Norman J. Wernert

Wall of Valor

Sergeant Norman J. Wernert

398th Bomb Squadron

504th Bomb Group

20th Air Force

The Distinguished Flying Cross is awarded to Sergeant Norman J. Wernert for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight 15 April 1945 from a base in the Marianas Islands. Sergeant Wernert was the Radio Operator on a B-29 aircraft on a successful night incendiary raid against the city of Kawasaki, Japan. His plane carried a heavier bomb load than any other that flew that night. and by making a successful radar run his plane dropped all of the projectiles on the target despite searchlights that held the B-29 throughout the bombing run, and flak that was intense and so accurate as to damage one engine seriously and put holes in the wing and fuselage. After the flak ceased, a fighter attacked but evasive tactics threw the enemy plane off. Later. his plane was equally successful against a flying suicide bomb, which the crew saw crash into the water. They returned safely back to base. The work of this crew aided materially in the destruction of six square miles of the city. The courage. determination and high degree of skill and teamwork shown by this veteran of many missions over Japan reflects great credit upon himself and the Army Air Forces.

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