First Lieutenant Daniel L. O'Neill
U.S. Army, 501st Infantry
Republic of Vietnam
May 21, 1969

Wall of Valor:
Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty while on a search and destroy mission on May 21, 1969, O'Neill's platoon came under heavy automatic weapon and rocket-propelled grenade fire while attacking a heavily fortified hilltop near Tam Ky.

Lieutenant O'Neill moved up and down the line shouting encouragement, and then took the lead as he employed the use of hand grenades and close fighting. When the platoon broke through the initial enemy bunkers, they received hostile fire into its flanks, rear and front. Temporarily halting his platoon, he directed the destruction of the enemy flank and rear positions. He then renewed the assault by eliminating the final pockets of enemy resistance.

O'Neill received orders to withdraw to reinforce another platoon. He effectively led his men against the insurgents and rescued the elements.