Private First Class George C. Yates
Infantry, United States Army
Cebu, Philippine Islands
March 29, 1945

Wall of Valor:
Awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action at Cebu. Philippine Islands. on 29 March I945. During an advance along a heavily mined road. Private Yates was a member of a group acting as security for a group of mine detector operators and demolition men who were locating and disarming mines in front of a column of tanks. Soon after the advance started enemy cross fire killed two men and seriously wounded three others. It was impossible for the tanks to move forward without crushing the wounded and dead men. Realizing this. Private Yates and another member of the squad crawled under the cross fire to the wounded men and dragged them from the path of the tanks. They then crawled out and moved the dead men to the side of the road, thus enabling the tanks to move forward and neutralize the enemy. Private Yates' courage and disregard for his own safety aided immeasurably in saving the lives of the three wounded soldiers.