First Lieutenant Jerome G. Schweickert
US Army Air Forces
94th Fighter Squadron
Mediterranean Theatre
13 April 1944

Wall of Valor:
Jerome G. Schweickert, First Lieutenant, 94th Fighter Squadron, 1st Fighter Group. For gallantry in action as pilot of a P-38 type aircraft. On 13 April 1944, Lt. Schweickert led his squadron as escort to heavy bombers over Austria. Approaching the target, his formation was attacked by approximately forty (40) enemy fighters, persistently attempting to penetrate the fighter cover to attack and break up the bomber formation. Despite the superiority in numbers of enemy aircraft, displaying outstanding leadership, courage, aggressiveness and combat skill, Lt. Schweickert so effectively disposed his formation that all attacks were successfully repulsed, thus enabling the bomber formation to complete a highly successful mission unmolested. Throughout the aerial battle, though fighting against overwhelming odds, Lt. Schweickert successfully destroyed two (2) enemy aircraft. By his conspicuous courage, outstanding leadership and intense devotion to duty, as evidenced throughout over sixty-two (62) successful missions against the enemy. Lt. Schweickert has reflected great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States of America.