Technical Sergeant Joseph Lubas
Radio Operator
Germany, Europe

Wall of Valor:
Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement while serving as Radio Operator of a B-17 airplane on bombing missions over Germany and enemy occupied Europe, 13 August 1944, 9 September 1944, 13 September 1944 and 21 November 1944. On all these operations Sergeant Lubas exhibited exceptional proficiency and exemplary devotion to duty. In the face of the numerous hazards and difficulties inherent to combat operations, this soldier was never charged with an error on strike or other message transmissions. On one occasion Sergeant Lubas expertly administered first aid to a wounded crew member. Despite innumerable adversities on many missions, this soldier tenaciously remained at his post, performing his duties in high commendable manner. The courage, coolness and skill displayed by Sergeant Lubas reflect the highest credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States.