Lieutenant Kenneth G. Keisel
US Army Air Forces C-46 Pilot
Air Transport Command
China-Burma-India Theatre

Wall of Valor:
Under authority contained in General Orders No. 183, Hq, AAF, India-Burma Sector, China Burma India Theater, dated 13 October 1944, The Distinguished Flying Cross is hereby awarded to Lt. Kenneth G. Keisel for extraordinary achievements by participating in more than three hundred hours of operational flight in transport aircraft over the dangerous and difficult Assam-China air routes, where enemy interception and attack was probable and expected. Flying at night as well as by day, at high altitudes over impassable, mountainous terrain through areas characterized by extremely treacherous weather conditions necessitating long periods of operation on instruments, often encountering severe icing conditions and mechanical difficulties requiring courageous and superior performance of his respective duties to overcome, he accomplished his missions with distinction. His achievement in the face of the hazards and difficulties faced regularly and continuously with steadfast devotion to duty, reflects much credit on himself and the Army Air Forces of the United States.