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News: Commander Comments
03/24/2016 - by Scott Huenefeld, Commander
Greetings Comrades,
First things first, I want to thank everyone for our very successful Lenten season. Customers were very patient with us, our service level hopefully pleased most of you. Our staff as well as our volunteers worked off their tails trying to please all of you. I want to thank all of them for their efforts.

Now if I can take a moment of your time to think about family members, neighbors, or possibly some friends that have become of age where it is very hard to get around. As a VFW our first duty is to help our comrades. A lot of elderly people donít want to ask for help even though they may need it. I want you to help us find some of these people, just drop us a note at the Canteen or call and leave a message.

WE have made it through a rather strange winter but we sure canít complain about it. Now we begin a trip into spring and summer. We have expanded several committees hoping to get some new ideas on things to do so we can keep your interest up for the coming seasons.

In closing, just as a reminder we need volunteers for our Poppy Distribution weekend going into Memorial Day. We will have locations and times posted in the Canteen by the first week of May. If possible help us with this effort. All proceeds go to help veterans in need.

Scott Huenefeld, Commander

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