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Video of Pat Papalia's Wall of Valor Ceremony
08/13/2014 - by Bob Donnan - Chairman of the Wall of Valor
Ladies & Gentlemen – I was able to record one of the first airings of Pat Papalia’s Wall of Valor ceremony on local cable and get it posted on YouTube. If you have the link shown below you will be able to view the 28-minute video. If you click the ‘gear’ icon on the bottom right of the YouTube video screen you can improve the resolution by selecting 1080HD.

Click HERE

Having the video posted online will be a great help to those who live outside our township and cannot receive those broadcasts.

My wife Susan watched the video with me last night and felt it was excellent. As an Army brat herself, she especially enjoyed hearing Donna’s comments. Once I have a list of names of all the bar, kitchen and wait staff, and Ladies Auxiliary, an article will be written for the next post newsletter. Thanks so much for everyone’s part in making this ceremony a great success!


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