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News: Commanders Comments
06/29/2014 - by Scott Huenefeld, Commander
Greetings everyone!! Once again, we come upon our summer season, a time to enjoy the outdoors and vacationing with family and friends.

Things at your VFW are going fine, our membership keeps gaining. Our activities seem to be keeping the interest of people and we will increase our plans for fall of this year.

Now I would like to address the Open House Mondays we had in June. We thought we had a pretty good plan, however, the great acceptance of Chef Pete Locante was somewhat overwhelming. We were not able to give everyone what they wanted and for that I apologize. If we donít occasionally try something new, we will wind up in a rut. The next time we come up with new promotions I assure you we will do a better job handling it for our customers and guests.

This summer, we are going to form a Corn Hole League. We are looking to have a tournament during our post picnic. Come out and test your ability. Also have fun with friends and family.

July 4th will be a big day for Doug and Alexis Vitale. They will be presented their new home. This is also a special time for our entire community and especially our Post. We all helped make this effort count. Thanks again to everyone for everything that was done for this accomplishment.

On 9 Aug, the Central Blood Bank will be having a blood drive at our Post in the WWII room. This will be known as Operation Gratitude and donors will be able to send thank you notes to current service members. Registration will be posted in advance of the date.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comments and always remember, you can use the post suggestion box if you have something to say.

Scott Huenefeld

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